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The innovative idea of designing and producing washing systems originated in 1966 as the answer to the difficulties which technicians of calculator and typewriter maintenance encountered in the cleaning of these same machines. Subsequently, in almost forty years of activity, a wide number of projects were developed and important patents addressed to an ever increasing number of industrial and non-industrial sectors were taken out.

Following the growing interest in this field, our commercial network extended out of Europe and expanded to numerous markets, from the Americas to Asia. The activity, originating and developed in the field of maintenance, constantly evolved until it established itself in the industrial sector. Right from the beginning, our purpose has been the ability to offer high quality products according to the needs of our Customers.You will find this in the entire range of products, together with the certainty of obtaining the best results even in the presence of difficult situations which may require the maximum level of cleaning.

A process which we will be able to maintain over time thanks to the constant updating of our products, in order to be able to overcome the challenges that this new millennium imposes.

Systems involving technology

Right from the beginning, one of our principal purposes has been the realization of systems which would be able to substitute the solvents while maintaining a high cleaning level. If, on the one hand, this choice is particularly appreciated for the well-known environmental problems, on the other hand, it has reached better results than expected.

The production of tunnel washing systems, calibrated and positioned systems (with a closed or an open cell), the computer based management by means of Logical Programmers, the diversified work cycles, the adoption of exclusive treatments, the compactness of the systems, the operative flexibility, the possibility of automatic movement of the supports and the robotized manipulations of parts, are only some of thea spects which characterize the flexibility of the production aimed at the following product sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Washing moulds
  • Maintenance
  • Pre–painting
  • Production
  • Serigraphy and printing

Today, the Teknox experience is a certainty, the master of innovative technologies and knowledge capable of guaranteeing certified results on specific treatments of dead holes and slots in pieces of a serial nature, with the help of high pressure systems and the continuous regeneration of the washing liquids.

Studies, Projects and the fulfillment of your needs

Each project is studied in detail in the Research Centre, starting with total respect of the current security regulations. It is then carried out with maximum care, choosing the best components and is finally demonstrated and tested by qualified staff. Each system is studied and constructed starting from tested and personalized basic modules according to specific needs.

The inovation at your service

Some of the bases on which our innovations are founded are: the reduction of consumptions, the reduction of emissions in the atmosphere, the systems of active and passive security for the operators, the use of stainless steel, the continuous filtration procedure in baths, the exclusive intention of using specific water-based detergents and the high level of selective separation of contaminants.


Numerous are the national and international patents obtained following constant research for solutions capable of improving and economizing the processes. Over time, we have acquired the technology for the recovery of the washing liquid, and now, for special applications, models which do not need any liquid are already available. This is an additional improvement characterized by respect for the environmental.

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